Gas Installation Regulations (SANS 10087)


According to SANS 10087, the regulations state where a bottle can or can't be placed and how an installation may be completed.

1 : Bottle(s) can not be placed closer than 1m to a door.

2 : Bottle(s) can not be placed closer than 2m to an open drain or deppression, where the gas can gather if the bottle leaks.

3 : Bottle(s) can not be placed closer than 5m to an electrical switch, motor, generator, pool pump etc.

4 : Bottle(s) can not be placed closer than 1m to the side of a window unless there is atleast 300mm between the bottom of the window and the top of the bottle and a non combustable roof has been placed between the window and the bottle.

5 : Bottle(s) can not be placed coloser than 1m to a boundary wall, unless the wall is a double brick "firewall" > 1.8m tall, with no ventilation gaps in the wall.

6 : Only a registered LP gas installer may work on a gas system. Every installation must be signed off by installer with a valid certificate.

7 : Copper pipe must be greater than class 1 or 0.7mm wall thickness (copper used for water is class 0) and any copper pipe passing through or embedded in a wall, cement or ground, must be protected with a protective sleeve.

8 : Reinforced "orange" hose connecting appliances can not be longer than 2m and the hose can not have any joins and it can not pass through any walls or partition.